Saturday, September 10, 2005

We had a road march today. Luckily it was only four miles. We had to do it with our Kevlar, IBV Armor, and weapon. I didn’t think it was going to be that hard since we weren’t packing a rucksack. I found that one thing is for sure, that vest is no joke. That thing is heavy.

We started out at the barracks. Our first formation was at 0800 hours this morning. I’m glad, that gave me a chance to sleep in for the first time. I skipped breakfast just so I could get some extra sleep. I really didn’t feel like going on a road march on a full stomach either.

We drew our weapons from the arms room and went back into formation. From there we marched out. We went to the west end of North Fort, thru a little bit of forest, and right back. It was like we went in a big circle. This is just the beginning of many more road marches to come. This was only four miles. Next time I’m sure it’ll be a little tougher.

We were given the rest of the afternoon off. It’s the first time that’s happened since we’ve been here. I’m kind of glad. I was beginning to feel like I was being worked to death. Some of the guys decided to rent a car and go off post. I would like to go but for one, I don’t have money to spend and two, I need some more winter clothes. I left my jacket and sweaters at home. It’s too cold to go out at night here.

So tonight I think I’m just going to hang at the barracks. There are a lot of guys staying there. We have plenty of movies to watch and the game I have is keeping me entertained. I also have some books I could read.


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