Sunday, September 25, 2005

For some reason or another we didn’t do PT this morning. I’m kind of glad. I’m think I’m wearing out of PT. I did enjoy the little game of basketball we had going on yesterday though. Another thing, it’s too cold to do PT in the morning. I’m glad we’re finally getting to change are PT uniforms. When we got here the uniform was a t-shirt and shorts. Since we’ve arrived the uniform has been changed and now we’re wearing a long sleeve PT shirt, pants, and jacket. I’m glad because it keeps me a lot warmer.

Right now the guys upstairs are having a party. I wonder what their doing. They’re making all kinds of noise and it seems like some of them are having too much fun upstairs. They’re starting to get a little rowdy. As long as they don’t continue the rowdiness after lights out, I’ll be fine. If they do get out of hand I’ll go up there and tell them that it’s time for them to get to bed or take it outside. I could care less if they don’t sleep. I don’t think anyone here needs a babysitter. If they want to go out and party that’s fine but they’ll have to be responsible for their actions. They’ll have to sacrifice sleep for fun. It’s all fun until the next day begins, I know. I usually end up regretting what I did.

We went to the other simulator today. This one was a lot better than the one we went to yesterday. It’s too bad I can’t post any photos of the place here. I won’t go into details after I already have about operational security. All I say is that this simulator was realistic and it was pretty fun. I just hated waiting for the other platoon to go thru first. In between some Airmen from the Air Force jumped in and took our simulator from us. It kind of sucked because we had to wait on them before we could continue. I’m going to bring that up if I ever get a chance. I didn’t think it was fair and they should have had to wait like everyone else. I don’t think they’re any more special then the rest of us.

While we were there we went to a chow hall of a fellow solider that used to be stationed here. I guess it was close to his old unit. The food was pretty good. The chow hall reminded me of my old chow hall from Campbell. Some of the barracks look like my old barracks from Campbell as well.

I have to get to bed soon. The lights are going to be going out. In fact, I’ve been turning out the lights almost every night. It’s a little weird getting older and going up in rank. I’m starting to feel like an older brother or father to some of these guys. I never felt like that before. I no I have to set a good example because I’m an NCO. I have to represent the NCO Corps. I also represent the US Army. Every in the Army does that. We want to display a good image. It’s part of what makes us a solider. But the point I’m trying to make is that the older I get the more I feel I have to become an example, a role model, for younger soldiers. I try to lead them the best I can. Hopefully, I’ll be able to gain their trust and respect.


Blogger Desultory Girl said...

The fact that you're looking to be that model of older bro and father for these soldiers means that you're a great example for them. What an honorable desire.

10/05/2005 7:47 PM  

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