Sunday, October 02, 2005

What a day. I got some bad news. My Aunt is sick and she had a stroke. She’s now in the hospital in intensive care. My prayers go out to here. She’s the only one that really writes to me. It really sucks. I only receive a letter from here. When I was active she was the only person that would constantly write. I did receive a letter from my Son but besides that, I knew I could depend on her. L I’ll be praying for her. I told my Wife to go to the hospital and see her for me. I’d like to see how she’s doing. I also told her to go to the hospital and do some prayers for me.

My Mom is really upset about it. She was crying to me on the phone. I hope everything will be ok. I really would like to have my Aunt back. I love receiving her letters. She’s a real loving person and she invites anyone to her house. She’s always been one of my favorite Aunts. She’s almost like a Mother to Me. It makes me hate to see people go thru things like this.

We had a briefing on bombs today. I won’t say much about it but that I hope that we spot them before anything bad happens. They gave us a lot of good information and I hope that the command really takes to heart what was put out. Our command makes up it’s own rules based on guidance from other sources. All I could say is, from my point of view, we have a good command staff. They really think things through. It’s like they’ve been through all of this before.

I didn’t get much free time today because I had to finish up the spreadsheet on the PT test results. The Commander wants to look at all of the results and see what he needs to do to improve the overall score of the unit. From my perspective, I think the unit is in good shape. I think it could always use more physical fitness. We have to come up with a program that improves fitness and results for the next PT test.


Blogger Desultory Girl said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt suffering a stroke. I'll say some prayers for you and your family. Ya'll seem pretty tight. And obviously she means a lot to you. She definitely loves you very much.

Not to mention, I'm glad to hear about mindless rock throwing ;) You've got your head on straight along with your priorities. Things have ways of working themselves out. Keep your head up, bro.

10/05/2005 8:12 PM  

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