Monday, October 10, 2005


We got the day off today. I was happy about it. So, I rented a car and two of the guys and me went to Tacoma to look around. We stopped to get some lunch then we went driving around the town. There wasn’t too much to see there, not as much as Seattle. I’m not even sure if it was worth the drive. We did take care of other things like going to Target to get some videos and music. I wanted to go to see a movie but the movies had already started so we would’ve had to wait for two hours.

There wasn’t much of a waterfront in Tacoma. We had to drive further to the west end of town to get to the water. Then there wasn’t any shops or eateries on the waterfront. There were a couple of piers, but not much. It was nice to get out though and relax. It was almost like a day at the park.


Blogger Desultory Girl said...

Nice pics, I love the water. Despite it looking a little gloomy out it looks like you had a teeny bit of sunshine, I think.

it's also nice to see you had a day off. From what I gather from your recent posts it was probably good to get a break from playing soldier. Most important thing is that you learned what you needed to do.

I hope ya'll enjoyed your little trip through Tacoma.

10/10/2005 11:16 PM  

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