Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Force Protection

One could ever have too many knives. So I’m starting to assume. I never know what could happen. I kind of got the idea after this Major told us last week that he carried lots of knives, then he pulled out knives from everywhere. I know they could in very handy in a close fight. So, my plan is to collect a few. They also come in handy when I have to cut things and that almost always happens. I already have two knives, one a Swiss Army knife that I love. The other knife of mine was given to my by my cousin. It’s a pocket utility knife that I also like to use. I better watch out before I become a knife collector.

Tomorrow wake up is at 0800. I’m glad. I could use the sleep in again. Tomorrow is Sergeants Time so that means that tomorrow’s training is up to the Sergeants. Nothing too exciting happened today, same training as always. I’m glad we didn’t have to fire my weapon; I didn’t feel like cleaning it.

Pretty soon we’ll be getting ready to go to Yakima. I hear that it’s pretty nice over there. I was told that the barracks are nicer and the recreation/entertainment facilities are better was well. I hope so. Now I’m starting to look forward to it. I heard it’s going to be cold and Yakima is mostly desert land. I’m going to check out the weather reports and see how it is.


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