Saturday, October 15, 2005

Well, I'm in Yakima now. What can I say about the place? Well, it's a lot more like Phoenix except that Phoenix has more vegetation. The air is dryer and I don't think it rains here as much as it did back at Ft. Lewis. I like everything but the accommodations here. We're a little more cramped up than we were back at Ft. Lewis. The food here is ok. They serve it in a club/bar. We had some Mexican Food tonight. I think we might be seeing more of that but that's fine with me. It was authenic Mexican Food as well. There is a bar here on the post but we aren't allowed to drink just yet. I'm hoping that the command staff changes their policy. I won't be able to post any photos on the website because I'm now using a public computer and I can't hook up my devices to this computer. So as for now I'll be posting blogs without pictures when ever I have the opportunity to do it. They did have wireless internet here up until a today when they removed the wireless router that they had here at the recreation center.

We're basically getting our stuff ready for the training that we'll be doing in the coming days. I'm looking forward to it because I haven't rode in a Humvee in a while.


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