Saturday, October 22, 2005

Taking Back

I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life. Sometimes I wish I could take back some of the stuff I did but I know I can’t. Maybe it’s a lesson for the future. I’m glad I’m in the Army again. I think it bring out the best in me. I think it brings out the best in a lot of the guys here. We all miss our families, our homes, and our other lives. For some guys it’s harder than others. For myself, it’s not too bad. I see how others take it. The good thing is we all support each other. It’s like the 1st Sergeant said one day during formation, “We’re all family here.” He was right; we all belong to each other.

I owe it to all my soldiers to make sure that we all come back home. It’s part of my job. I have to be proficient at what I do. I know that the 1st Sergeant and the Commander are hard on us sometimes but I know it’s because they want to bring us all back. Actually, they only get on someone’s case if they show a lack of leadership or interest. I haven’t had that problem. I’m very interested in learning everything I could. I watch other leaders to learn from their style. Most of the time I’m taking the sit back and watch approach. I’m waiting for my moment of glory. I don’t want to take on a leadership position unless I have to.

I’ve learned a lot growing older over the years. I wish I know now what I knew then. I sometimes think of how grateful I am to go thru these experiences and hope someday I could share them with my son. I want him to learn from my mistakes and take what advice I could give him to make him a better man. It’s almost like what every father wants of his son, to become better then himself. Peter is his own person and he does his own things. I know he loves and misses me. I just hope that someday he’ll begin to understand.

I seen a video a while back of a Sergeant that made a going away video for his wife. I guess he made it and gave it to a buddy of his. He didn’t make it and that buddy of his sent the video to his wife after he passed away. Sometimes I think I should to the same thing and then I think it might be a bad omen, I am by the way a little suppositious.

It’s getting more dangerous in Iraq than ever before. I’m not sure if a lot of people realize that. I really didn’t realize it myself. I can’t really go into details here as to why because of operational security. I just hope that people keep on supporting the troops and thanking a solider when they see one.

Talking about thanking a solider, I was thanked on the trip over here to Yakima. We had made a stop at a gas station on the way over here. I got off the bus to stretch out my feet and walked into the store to buy some soda and snacks. On the way to the store, at the truck stop, a trucker stopped right by me. He saw us all in uniform, getting off the bus and going into the store. He reached his left arm out of the diesel and said to me, “I want to thank you for what your doing.” I told him thank you in return and that we all appreciate his thanks and support. It’s really nice to meet people like that.


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