Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bowers Bastards

I’m not going to post much today. There was a lot of information put out today but I can’t discuss any of it here. All I could say is that it was mostly good news. It was surprising and good.

We got our platoon t-shirts the other day. Their tan shirts that say 1-180th FWD 4th PLT on the front and on the back is a graphic of Iraq with the words “Bowers Battling Bastards of Baghdad!!!” on the back. I’m not going to go into who Bowers is for security reasons. They’re pretty cool shirts and the make me feel like part of a team. I feel like I belong to something else besides the US Army. It differentiates us from the other platoons.

Our mission is always changing and we are getting new details every day. We always have to be prepared for any changes. They’re a saying that we also have in the Army. Part of it comes from the Mariene Corp motto Simper Fidelus meaning Always Faithful. The saying is Simper Gumby. Try and guess what it means. Well Simper is Latin for always and Gumby is for the character from the animated claymation series “Gumby.” He was flexible and could bend himself in any shape and direction. So put them together and you the meaning Always Flexible which is what we have to be at almost all times.


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