Friday, October 28, 2005

What about those guys?

“What about those guys?” Boy how stupid I felt after saying that. Reminded me of that movie Three Kings when that guy at the beginning of the movie says, “Are we shooting?” The funny thing is that the observer in the Humvee replied, “What about those guys?” I thought to myself, boy am I going to hear about this later. There were two enemies; I shot them both with pretty good aim. I surprised myself because I didn’t even aim that much.

I did hear about it later in our after action review with the whole platoon when the instructing Sergeant called my name. I knew it was coming. I knew what it was all about and what he was going to say. I was prepared and ready. “Sergeant Puebla, where are you at?” I rose my hand so he could see where I was then he went on to say, “I’m going to quote from Sergeant Puebla, ‘What about those guys?’” LOL everyone was laughing. The good thing was I found it funny myself. Next time I’ll be shooting first and asking questions later. I’m pretty sure I won’t have this problem in Iraq because at least I’ll know who then enemy is when they start shooting at us.


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