Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well we’re back at Ft. Lewis now and it’s good to be back. We took a few group photos at Yakima before we left there. They unveiled the ceiling tile that had our unit on it in formation this morning. The ceiling tile had to do with the tiles at the Oasis Club where we ate our breakfast and dinner daily. The tiles on the ceiling of the Oasis had artwork from different units that had been thru Yakima Training Center. It was a sight to see, viewing above every time we stood in line to eat. The cool thing is a part of us will always be at Yakima for everyone else that passes thru there from now on. We’ve left our mark.

Contreraz played a little Fear Factor today. Never leave a Joe with too much time on his hands. We dared him to eat an earthworm. I went ahead and told everyone I’d do it myself for $50. He ended up doing it for $10 plus tips. I couldn’t believe it and if I had my camera I would’ve had a picture of it. It was priceless. He was about to puke but he held it down and swallowed that worm whole!!!


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