Tuesday, November 08, 2005

An American Hero

Pat Tillman’s Birthday passed the other day and I saw a tribute to him on Big Boys.com To me he optimizes what a great American is. He was a classic example of the best this nation has to offer. I follow him thru college and the NFL of course because one, I’m an ASU fan and I’m also a Cardinals fan. I know the Cardinals suck but I stick by them no matter what, just the way he did. I am a loyal fan just as he was a loyal Cardinal. I followed his career when he joined the Cardinals and was shocked to hear that he left the Cards to join the Army. I was proud of what he was doing and really appreciated what he was doing. It demonstrated that he was loyal to the country and wanted to give something back. It would’ve been nice to see some other NFL players do that as well.

That April 22 morning, 2004 I was shocked to hear that he was killed. I thought that I had misheard what was reported on the news. I thought that they were talking about someone else. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, how in the world, what are the chances?

He was proud of the freedom that we are all given in this country. He had a great deal of feelings for the flag. He always considered himself lucky. He felt that he had something he needed to give, something to give back for liberty and freedom. Everyday people everywhere go on with their lives, without thought, without thanks for those that have died to let us live the way we do. We don’t see how good we have it here in the United States.

In honor of what would’ve been his 29th birthday was a tribute to his legacy. I didn’t know that his birthday just passed on 11/06 until now. So in honor and respect of one of the greatest Americans that I have ever known, I will only post about him today. The Pat Tillman Tribute video on Big Boys.com is an awesome tribute to a great American Hero.


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