Sunday, November 13, 2005

My sleep-in got ruined!

I thought I was going to sleep-in this morning, I was wrong. One of the Sergeants came into the barracks and told my squad leader that he needed two men to go to the radio and gps class in the morning. I thought I was going to sleep-in. I heard everything that was said and I laid in my bed with my eyes closed, hoping that he wouldn’t call my name. I was hoping that someone else in the squad would be called besides me. I could’ve bet on the odds, I knew, I heard my name being called. "SGT Puebla! SGT Puebla!". I knew I was going to hear my name. I didn’t move a muscle, I played the part, heard my name, "SGT Puebla!"

I knew it! I knew it! “You have five minutes to get ready, the bus is already here.” Damn! So there I was, rushing to put my clothes on. Thank GOD I took a shower before I went to bed the night before. Taloney was the other Joe to get the bad news. I think it was worse for him because he had a lot to drink the night prior. I didn’t. He sure wasn’t a morning person, that’s for sure.

We rushed to get dressed and get out on the bus. We didn’t even have time to go to the chow hall to enjoy some might fine food! Damn! Pizza, it’s what’s for breakfast. I’m glad he had some left over from the party they had last night. Nothing like pizza to get the day started. To top it off, the pepperoni pizza was covered in crushed peppers. I guess one of them was planning on eating it last night but it got left behind. It’s a good thing I like crushed red peppers.

Another thing, I can’t believe I got woken up early for this. Classes that didn’t offer anything new for me to learn. I knew everything that they were instructing in the class. Nothing new for me. More like a waste of time. At least I got something good out of it. I got to go back to the barracks in the afternoon. Good thing about that was I had the washer and dryer all to myself. Another thing, I also had the barracks all to myself too so it was nice and peaceful.


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