Friday, November 11, 2005

It’s freaking cold here!

And wet!!! I’m freezing my ass off!!!! Damn! I’m still glad we’re not in Yakima now. I checked out the weather from there and there’s a low of 28 degrees! Damn!!! That’s below freezing!!! It was funny one morning right before we left there because this one Joe, Vogler, said, “LOOK!!! There’s freaking frost on the ground! There’s freaking frost on the ground!!!” I started to bust up laughing. He was right, the dew had froze on the ground! It doesn’t get as cold as Yakima here but it’s still cold and a lot wetter.

Today is Veterans Day and I think we are the only ones working!!! What’s up with that shit! Even the Army has us working on our holiday. Happy Veterans Day to fellow vets. We all said that this morning before we started our workday. We got up at 0400 this morning to get ready for training. 0400 hours this morning!!! It’s Veterans Day!!!

Everyday is a Monday here. We never get a day off, well, I won’t lie, and occasionally we’ll get a day off, key word, occasionally. It’s usually unannounced and we don’t know about it until the day prior. I guess it’s hard for me to go anywhere and do anything anyways. It’s also hard to get around without a car. A day off is just a day to relax, unwind, and take it easy. I’ll have to go to the post theater next time we do get a day off but they only show movies on weekends, not every day.

Well it’s time for me to go and get ready for bed. It’s going to be time for lights out pretty soon. Tomorrow is probably our last day of training. After that we’ll be getting ready to get deployed.


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