Tuesday, November 15, 2005

“Alright get the Fuck up! Everyone get your ass out of bed! Get up!”

These are the first words I heard this morning when I woke up. We were supposed to have a formation at 0715 hours this morning. Instead, 1st Sergeant came walking through the barracks at 0350 in the morning. For a minute there I began to think I was back in basic training. What the hell was going on? It was time to get up. What happened to 0715? I was hoping to sleep in for the first time. What was I thinking? That’s what I get for staying up late. I should’ve learned by now. The old saying, Prepare The Worst, Hope For The Best!

Why did we get up so early? Well, because we had a drug test to do. It was a surprise one like always. They’re never announced. I don’t know why it matters anyways. I guess they figure that someone will leave without taking the drug test. They want to make sure that they get everyone to take it and that no one ditches. I found out why we were woken up early in the morning when I headed to the latrine to take a piss. The door was blocked by a Staff Sergeant. He was nodding his head no; that’s when I knew why we got up so early.

Went to the medical clinic this morning. I went because I had this pain that I couldn’t take anymore. I figured enough was enough and I didn’t want to risk my score on the upcoming PT test. I tried to deal with it but the pain was just a little too unbearable. It happened after combatives training last week, when I got hit in the chest real hard. I’ve been sore since. The doctor did a motor test and it really worked. He really knew how to find my pain. It was almost like a physical. Anyways, I got my drugs and I was on my way. Light PT at my own ability and pace for the next 5 days. Not bad, I need the recovery time.

Here’s a photo of our ceiling tile that hangs in the diner at Yakima. I thought it was pretty nice. We’ve left our mark. It was pretty cool in that diner because like I said earlier, the ceiling was covered in tiles, decorated by other units that have been through the training at Yakima. It was pretty cool to look at the variety of artwork and uniqueness of each tile. Each told a little something about that individual unit.


Blogger Desultory Girl said...

It's really nice to get other ideas on my I should Hope for the best and expect the worst. So, I'm sorry you didn't get to sleep in.

That's pretty cool, about your unit's tile. I can imagine what it's like to see all the other pieces of artwork.

11/16/2005 6:38 PM  

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