Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I won an X-Box 360!!!

Well, not exactly. Since the X-Box 360s are in limited supply and the PX is only getting a limited number of them they had a drawing. The winners would be able to be the first ones to purchase the X-Box 360 at the PX when it gets here.

I was out at my truck, putting stuff away when a few of they guys started yelling my name, “SGT Puebla! SGT Puebla!” I wondered what it was all about. Don’t tell me it’s another shit detail. Fuck that. Maybe I should go hide somewhere. I’m tired and ready to enjoy whatever time I have left for the rest of the night. I knew for sure it wasn’t another urgent mission because the tone of their voices was different. If it was a mission they wouldn’t sound so excited. “You won an X-Box!!! You won an X-Box!!!” They were like excited children, Treraz and Frenchie. (That isn’t really their names but nicknames.)

I guess they found out when they saw my name on a banner in the PX. It had a list of the winners and my name was on it. I won that drawing I entered, to be one of the first ones to purchase an X-Box. Cool! $400, that’s all I would need to buy it. I really wasn’t interested in getting the X-Box in the first place. I didn’t think I’d win. I should’ve known though, I’ve always had good luck with drawings. I win stuff all the time. Maybe I should enter to win a vacation to Hawaii and win a trip to Oahu and Maui just like my Dad did back in ’83.

I didn’t enter to win the X-Box in the first place. No, I did it because I knew that some Joe in my unit would like one. I was thinking about Joe at the time. It wasn’t for me. Sure I’d like to have one but I don’t have $400 to blow on a video game console. That’s too much money for me to afford and I have bills to pay. I have a family to feed back home. I have other things I’d like to get like a digital camera and an MP3 player too. Forget it Pete. Don’t even think about it. I don’t want one anyways.


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