Saturday, December 31, 2005

Going to have my picture in Tactical Equipment Review.

I think. We’ve been working with this guy from Tactical Equipment Review on occasion. He’s the one that gave us that Revision Eyewear. I still think that it was cool of him to give us some free eyewear. I also understand that it’s probably so he could get our feedback and see how the equipment works. I don’t care. I love free equipment. I hope other companies send us their stuff to try out as well. I’ll gladly write back and send them feedback on it. I don’t mind being a guinea pig.

Well, anyways, the TER guy had a photo shoot with us at Abu Ghraib. I can’t mention his name here for security reasons but I’ll just say that he could be found on the Internet. I’m sure he wants to protect his identity too. Well, he was telling us that the photos he took would be in published in the May issue of TER. That would be so cool. I can’t wait. I might have to subscribe now so I could get a copy of the issue.
This is a photo of some of Saddam's old palaces here on the FOB.


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