Sunday, January 01, 2006


Although it was a holiday, I still didn’t get the day off. That’s ok though, I just had a day off the other day.

Today I got a chance to see the Rhino Runner. I actually went inside The Bang Bus and checked it out. Its windows are bullet proof and it’s fully armored. It’s a pretty cool bus. I even saw a small article of it in Maxim Magazine. It must be nice having one in a combat zone. I’d rather stick with my Humvee though.

Maxim Magazine has to love Soldiers, or guys for that matter. They have all the cool stuff like jokes, cars, girls, and articles. It’s a guy’s magazine. It has everything a Soldier in the field needs. I found a couple of magazines in the rec tent the other night. There’s a section in the tent that has a bunch of free stuff like snacks, books, hygiene stuff, and magazines. That’s where I found this old Maxim. I’m usually dropping off stuff I don’t want or need either for other Joes to enjoy. It’s a pretty cool spot, like a give and take center. I dropped off some old magazines I didn’t want anymore. I was able to find some toothpaste, swabs, and some soap. The best part was finding the Maxim mag. I love that magazine and also FHM, it’s another one of my favorites. I might have to start a subscription while I’m over here.


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