Thursday, January 05, 2006

My room is starting to have a little bit of personality.

I have pictures of Vida Guerra everywhere. I also have a US Flag and an AZ State flag hanging in my room. I got the AZ flag from my friend CeCe at work. She is such a sweet person. The poster of Vida Guerra came from my FHM magazine. I also posted pictures of family on my locker. I’m not much of a decorator person. If there’s something that I like, I’ll just post it on the wall somewhere. I had to take down the Christmas cards that were up on the wall since the Christmas season is about over. Now I’ll have to decorate the walls with something else.

Almost broke my foot this morning. I would’ve been out for 4-6 weeks had it happen. This morning when I got up to turn the lights on I accidentally tipped over my .50 cal. I had the receiver standing on its end. Well, when I noticed that I tipped it over in the dark I quickly moved my foot as not to get smashed. I didn’t move it quick enough. It ended up hitting the very end of my right foot. Now I have a light contusion there. I’m lucky. It could’ve been a lot worse. That thing is very heavy and I can’t imagine it falling straight on the top of my foot. It could’ve broken some bones. I’m fine for now, a little sore from the accident. My foot feels fine. If I had a digital camera I’d post a photo of it here. Oh well.

Here's a photo of another one of Saddam's Old Palaces. This one is on top of a hill in the countryside.


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