Thursday, January 12, 2006

The mud won’t go away.

It doesn’t dry up at all. I guess it’s because it’s not summer time. The weather here is kind of nice actually, a little cool but not too cold. I’m trying to enjoy it while I can. I know that it will get really hot like everyone says during the summer. I’m used to the heat though, coming from Arizona. It’s more barren in Phoenix than it is here in Baghdad. It seems greener here. Almost like an oasis. All they have to do is clean up all the trash.

We had a new interpreter today. He was alright. He stunk though. I think he needed a bath. He slept a lot too. I’ve noticed that about our interpreters. They like to sleep in the Humvee a lot when we’re on missions. Especially when we stop somewhere. They have a pretty simple job. All they have to do is interpret for us when needed. They don’t have to do anything else.

Our first interpreter was telling us that a lot of the kids are learning slang from us GIs. I thought it was funny. I was wondering where they learned all their foul language. He said that his little brother was talking like he was from the hood the other day. Yo Yo Yo! Oh, but these kids learn everything from us. I’m trying to get them to do the ‘Hang Loose’ sign. I’ll make the Hawaiians that were here earlier happier. I would give them the sign on the way out the gate. It’s pretty cool seeing people from the National Guard here. They’re from all over the country and just about every state.


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