Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We went just about everywhere today.

I’m pretty sure we got in at least 100 miles from all the driving we were doing. It all started at about 0430 and didn’t end until 1915. So that means we’ve been busy just about all day today. In fact, I’m starting to get tired right now. I hardly ever get tired this early unless it’s because I’ve been up all day. We did everything there is to think of. We even got to go to the IZ again. I like going there. There’s a lot to see there. I just wish they had more shops and restaurants. I get tired of going to the same place all the time.

There was a lot of fog on our route this morning. It was everywhere. It made it hard to see where we were going but I guess fog will do that. Later on one of our trucks had a flat so we had to do a hasty tire change. That went real well but it wasn’t NASCAR. I think it’s something to work on. We want to make sure that a tire change doesn’t take any time at all.

We were on missions all day from before the sun got up to past when it had set. It didn’t stop, one mission after another. I’m glad I went to bed early last night or I would’ve been dying today.


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