Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I had to clean my weapons.

After T-Rex drove through the puddles and got the weapons and me all dirty with muddy water. It was like a ride at Disneyland, only it wasn’t fun. Not getting dirty at least. I had the day off so I spent most of the day sleeping, playing video games on my laptop, and cleaning my weapons. I have three of them. It was time to clean my pistol, rifle, and machine gun. I have to make sure they’re clean so they don’t jam on me. I wouldn’t want to have that happen when I need them the most. Though it doesn’t help when we’re driving on dirt trails all the time.

I should’ve cleaned my weapons first instead of playing Command & Conquer on my laptop. It took up most of my time and it was already getting late. I had lost all motivation to clean my weapons. That’s what I get. I should’ve taken care of my responsibilities first and not play around. I just can’t help it. I’m addicted to that Command & Conquer game. I’m always looking forward to getting back to the trailer to play it. I ended up feeling frustrated because I knew the weapons had to be cleaned and I was already too tired to clean them.

I got some smiles from a group of women yesterday. I love it when women smile at me on the road. It makes me feel real good. It brings up my self-esteem and helps my ego feel that I still have it. I just love it when women smile or wave to me. It’s nothing new, it’s happened before. It happened to me the other day as we were driving on the FOB. The thing was that these women were Arabic. They were on the street as we were passing by. I didn’t expect it from them. Heck, I thought they didn’t even look at guys. I thought they never glanced, had conversations with, or smiled at guys for that matter. I was totally caught off guard and surprised. It brought a bigger smile to my face too. Go ego. Go self-esteem. Hello Ladies!


Blogger katiescarlet said...

The sunset picture is very pretty. I understand addiction to computer games. Sometimes I get frustrated with traffic on way home, because I want to get there and play!

We get tons of rain and fog this time of year, were I live. The puddles here last forever too. They get stagnant and start to grow bad smelling things.

God bless

1/13/2006 10:53 AM  

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