Saturday, September 09, 2006

Operation Sun Tan

I didn’t plan on going to the pool today. There’s a pool on one of the other camps that’s not too far away. I wanted to go to the gym this afternoon and get a little workout but my roommate convinced me otherwise. He wanted to go to the pool to work on his tan, and I’m sure he wanted to look at the girls too. As for myself, I needed to start getting some sun.The pool is set on one of Saddam’s little lakes he has around his palaces. It looks really scenic from where it is because the pool over looks the water from the lake. The pool doesn’t have a shallow or deep end. It’s mostly six feet deep all around and it rises a couple of feet above the ground. It was also quite full so water would be pouring out the sides and into the drains around the edge of the pool. The pool was filled with mostly guys, which didn’t surprise me. There were a few ladies there but not many. Mostly everyone was trying to get a tan. Some, like me, needed it more then others.


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