Friday, September 08, 2006

An Invasion of Privacy

Since it was maintenance day it was time to take the Humvee to the motor pool for inspection by the mechanics. I didn’t feel like going because to me, it’s the drivers’ job. The Colonel asked me yesterday to dispatch the truck and I agreed. I figured I might as well since T-Rex has been dispatching the truck for the past couple of weeks. I’m going to let The Colonel know that I’m not going to do it next time. If The Colonel likes to play the “it’s your job” game than since I’m not the driver, it’s not my job. They never help me clean the .50 cal anyway so I don’t care.

One of the platoons had an in-room inspection. Actually, I guess they were looking for pornography. It’s considered contraband over here and anyone caught with it will get punished. I think it’s silly and stupid that they’re going through their rooms looking for this stuff. They should be fighting the insurgents, not the soldiers. Instead they’re spending their time looking for pornography instead of looking for insurgents. Again, I think the priorities are messed up.

Not only were they looking for magazines, they were also going through the guys laptops. They were going through the guy’s computers looking for porn. I heard that if they found any they would delete it on the spot. A lot of these guys began sharing this stuff, like the music, when we began our mobilization. There was some stuff so sick that I wouldn’t even consider it porn. It was just too gross to even mention here. I found it hard to believe that someone would download the filth. And I thought I was bad.

The photo above is burned out from a VBIED (Vechicle Borne Improved Explosive Device.) It exploded right underneath the traffic sign. The damage from the flames and heat is visable.


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