Friday, September 01, 2006

Not Much

I didn’t do much today. I’m glad I didn’t. Today was supposed to be a maintenance day but our Humvee was in the shop getting the A/C fixed again. I got up this morning and ate breakfast. Afterwards I went to the MWR to get online to chat with my wife. I’m usually using Yahoo! Messenger to chat. I let her know I’m online by sending her a page to her mobile phone. I do call home from time to time and prefer calling over the internet as well. I use Skype in order to make a PC to phone call for only a few pennies a minute. It’s a lot cheaper than the 19 cents they charge per minute to make a call on the AT&T phones here.

I came back to the crib and took it easy for a while before going to chow for lunch. Then I took a little nap after chow. Fatigue was starting to get to me so I laid down to get some rest. After a little nap I got up and went to the gym to get a little work out in. I ate dinner and now I’m here, typing up this blog. It’s what I usually do on a typical day off.


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