Monday, August 21, 2006

Universal Blood

We went to Ramadi again today. On the way we had to pass another IED cordon and some other stuff that wasn’t too bad. The trip there wasn’t too miserable. The weather seemed cooler because of the high overcast of clouds and it did sprinkle slightly once we were in Ramadi.

We were in the PX in between our trip back to Baghdad when we heard it. BOOM! It wasn’t too loud but powerful enough to rattle the walls inside the PX. For some reason I didn’t even think it was anything but the air pressure going up in the building. Everyone was going about his or her business since it is nothing really new for us.

When we went outside Sergeant Mechanic asked me if I hear the mortar impact. We looked over to our right and there was the rising cloud of smoke. That must have been it I assumed. Weird? Usually there isn’t that much black smoke with a mortar impact. Must have caught something on fire.

A little while later while we were hanging at the MWR mission before our clearance to leave we heard an announcement over the loud speaker. “All personnel with O blood type report to Charlie Med.” At the time I thought they might need to do a resupply of blood. Then a few minutes after that was another announcement, “Any available 91 Bravos report to Charlie Med. Any available 91 Bravos report to Charlie Med.” 91 Bravos? What’s that? I forgot but then later I remembered, medics. Oh man. I wonder what’s going on? A little while later there it was overhead, “All units clear the road. All units clear the road.” Oh shit. Man they’re some casualties coming in and they’re going to the medical facility.

Later I found out that that explosion was actually a car bomb and there were some that got hurt.


Blogger kbug said...

Man, that is NOT the kind of thing a person wants to hear. I hope everyone was okay.

8/22/2006 8:37 PM  

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