Saturday, August 12, 2006

The trip to Ramadi

It sucked, mostly because of the heat. There were some other problems too. One of the gunners in our patrol had to take a shit. I don’t know why he didn’t go before we left and I guess he couldn’t wait. They were also smelling some radiator fluid so it was a good time to check that out too. So we stopped so the Baloney could do his duty and they could check out their Humvee

for leaks.

We also had a problem with our Humvee. The A/C went out again. It might be because the air intake filter is all clogged up with dirt, I don’t know. The mechanics checked it out when we got to Ramadi and said that everything seems to be working fine, pressure wise.

We spent the night in the transient barracks there. The accommodations weren’t too bad. It wasn’t hot in there. In fact it was cold, really freaking cold. It’s part of the reason I couldn’t sleep last night. The only thing I took with me was a travel pillow and a poncho liner. I didn’t expect it to be that cold in there.

We dropped of the guys and the stuff that was staying. They started making themselves at home in their new temporary abode.

We were supposed to leave this morning, but ended up leaving this afternoon. I was happy to get back. With my roommate moved out I could rearrange the room to make it more for myself. It’ll be nice to live in privacy for a while. Too bad it’s only temporary.

I just found out some bad news. Not only do we have to go back to Ramadi, we have to back today. That sucks. It’s not like the drive is long and hot enough, but to make a drive here and then back there again. That’s just great!!! At least it’s seemed relatively safe.


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