Monday, August 07, 2006

The End of Abu Ghraib.

Well, I guess I could spill the beans on one of our old missions since it’s mission complete. Since we’ve been here we’ve been convoying supplies back and forth to Abu Ghraib. For those who don’t know Abu Ghraib is the place where those detainee abuse photos took place. Well, we were told when we first got here that they would be closing Abu Ghraib. First it was supposed to be closed in February. February came and past and the prison was still open. Then the closing date got pushed back to April. April came and past and still nothing was happening. When the date got pushed back to June we began joking, “What year?”

Finally, I heard an ultimatum come down from command with a deadline for shut down. It was this August. For the past month I finally noticed changes and it finally looked like it was actually going to close. It began to look like a department store that was going out of business. The place was clearing out. Everything was getting cleaned up and all of the equipment was being moved.

We finished up our missions there this past week. It’s the last time I’ll ever be at Abu Ghraib. Abu Ghraib prison is finally closed and a part of history. So long Abu Ghraib. Never see you again.


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