Friday, July 28, 2006

The Combat Action Badge

It’s about time. I mean, the incident happened in March and here we are at the end of July. Today I got awarded the Combat Action Badge, otherwise known as the CAB. It took long enough. I was beginning to wonder if they had lost the paperwork or if I was ever going to get one. There were a few of us that got awarded CABs in the platoon. The LT was with T-Rex and me when we got hit. We’re still amazed that the IED didn’t do any damage. We were right next to the thing and when it blew up the others that were behind us thought we were gone for sure. No one was able to see us since we were in a cloud of dust and smoke. Fuzzy Dice, behind us, said that he was going to hook up his video camera before we left the wire but he never did. Oh well, that would’ve been a cool video to keep for old time sake.


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