Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sudden Onset

I got switch around with another team this morning. It happens once in a while when guys are doing other duties and with the guys that are either on leave or pass. There has to be some changes to accommodate the manifest. I happened to be going out with Chief and this new guy. Chief is pretty cool. I like him and hung out in Seattle together while we were on pass back in September of last year. The new guy is alright. He’s new so he doesn’t have much experience and its funny how he could get lost around BIAP. He doesn’t know the place like we do. I guess it’s like moving to a new city for him.

I got our intercom system hooked up last week so it’s working well, when everyone in the Humvee uses it. I love it because it gives me the ability to monitor and operate the radios. The microphone is great too because we don’t have to yell to each other to communicate. It gets frustrating yelling stuff back and forth. It’s so tiresome that I restrain myself from saying anything at all at times, and that’s not a good thing. It’s like communication stops. Well, it doesn’t have to anymore. Now I could listen to the radio again so The Colonel doesn’t have to relay everything that comes down on the radio. It also gives me the ability to monitor a different net so The Colonel doesn’t have to worry about handling radio traffic on two nets at the same time.

Well, one of the guys had a seizure this morning. I think it was sudden onset and may have been caused by some medication he was taking. I think he’s doing better now. I tried to go see him but he’s knocked out in his room, getting some rest. They air evacuated him to the CASH, Combat Area Support Hospital, to get medical treatment. When he was released we got suited up to go over there and pick him up.


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