Sunday, July 23, 2006

The A/C Problem

I’ve been trying to get our TOC (Tactical Operations Center) to get the a/c unit serviced in the internet trailer. There are two units in there and one of them is broken. There’s a list in the TOC where we report our service issues. KBR is the management company that provides maintenance services on our pad. Anyway, I reported that a/c unit broken to the TOC two weeks ago. Last week I reported it on the maintenance list. It’s still not fixed. It gets hot as heck in that trailer, especially at the end of the day. When I go in there I have to make sure I take a cold drink with me to keep me cool. I got fatigued and a headache when I was in there the other night. It’s strange, I’ll last longer out in the sun than in that trailer.

Our a/c in the Hummer went out again today too. I just had it serviced on Thursday. We had a terp riding with us today. It’s the first time we’ve had her ride with us in our truck. It wasn’t bad in the morning because our a/c unit was working just fine. But in the afternoon it quit blowing out cool air and started feeling like a blow dryer. She was in the back seat and the fan was blowing that hot air right on her. We had to put her in another Humvee because she didn’t look too good after a while. She was looking a little pale and fatigued. She kept complaining how hot it was and how our a/c didn’t work. We had to get her out and someplace cooler. When The Colonel moved her to another truck I asked him if I could move too. I was joking around.


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