Sunday, July 16, 2006


We should’ve taken the opportunity to get breakfast when we had the chance. Last time I was hoping we would get lucky but it didn’t turn out that way. We didn’t get to eat. This morning the opportunity came up again to get some breakfast before we went out on mission. We made the mistake and took our chances again. I think it’ll be the last time, if we’re hungry or not.

Our missions weren’t too bad today. There have been a few changes since T-Rex has gone on leave. I’m sure we’ll be getting mixed around everywhere now that he’s gone. We’ll probably have different drivers or they may move me to different teams once in a while. It’s not bad, we’re mostly compatible and it’s nice to have a change once in a while.

I finished reading ‘Path of the Assassin’ last week. I enjoyed it. I started reading ‘State of the Union’. It’s the follow up in the series. So far it’s pretty interesting. The main character, Scot Harvath, has been captured and I can’t wait to see what happens next. In ‘Path of the Assassin’ of course, Scot saves the day and keeps the world from spiraling into war.


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