Monday, July 10, 2006


There’s not much to say about today. Everything went pretty smooth. Nothing really happened today. I guess I like it on days like this. We’re all getting into our routine and we all know what to do. We’re all working on the same sheet of music and everything works along fine. There was in the wrong place at the wrong time this morning. I don’t know why but the PL asked me to show up for T-Rex’s award ceremony. He was getting his CAB. The LT and I are still due ours.

Well, since we were already dressed and up in the morning they decided to send us out at the last minute. So I had to hurry up and get my gear and get the truck to the gate. It wasn’t what I had planned. Actually, I had planned on getting online to chat with my wife.

After that, when we got back, the LT asked me to help him tape body fat on those of us that are over weight. Great! How did I get sucked up into this shit? Well, I hope he remembers this later. We taped the guys that needed to be taped and I headed back to my room. That’s when my roommate told me that The Colonel, my squad leader, came by looking for me. He wanted me to go down to the arms room and clean and check our MK19. Do we even have one? I guess we do. I don’t know why, we never use it. I’m not even qualified to use a MK19. I don’t even know how to take the thing apart. I’ve done it before but I forgot how to do that.

Well, anyway, I avoided him all afternoon. I wasn’t in the mood to clean a weapon. I was tired, I didn’t eat lunch, and I knew that we were going back out in the afternoon. I preferred to take a nap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your daily entries and the pictures.

7/11/2006 8:48 AM  

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