Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned what it is. I guess I’ll take the opportunity to mention what a Fobbit is. The name Fobbit partly comes from Hobbit, as in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Hobbits were the short little men that walked barefoot everywhere. They usually kept to their little village and hardly ever went anywhere else. The other part of the word Fobbit comes from the word FOB which is an abbreviation that we use a lot around here. FOB is the abbreviation for Forward Operating Base. So when we refer to a Fobbit we mean a person, usually a soldier that never leaves the FOB.

Today was mostly sunny with lots of wind gusts. It wasn’t too bad but bad enough to blow the dust around from time to time. I really wouldn’t say that we had a dust storm today. I know what a dust storm is and what we had today was far from it. It’s nothing like this time of year in Phoenix when the Haboobs start kicking in.


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