Sunday, July 02, 2006

Crazy Drivers

I hate it when we switch out drivers. It’s another drivers driving that I have to get used to. Today we had this Staff Sergeant driving that made turns that were too fast. Plus he drove really fast, which in some ways is good, but he did it on bad roads. So I ended up getting thrown around in the Humvee. Not only that, there were a few times when I thought we were going to roll over. He took turns just too sharp and fast. There was one point where I had to get down and hold on.

Another thing was that he missed a few turns. The problem was he didn’t know the route. He also thought that we were going to a different building than the one we were actually supposed to go to. I think it was a lack of communication between the SSG T and the Colonel. That’s the problem with the Colonel. He doesn’t make sure his subordinates understand the mission, what, when, where, why and how.

So, last night this terp asked me for help with his computer. Big mistake. He must think I work for HP or something. I don’t want to ask him for money and I wouldn’t accept it if he offered. I just hate the fact that I try to help him out and he keeps on being persistent. I think it’s just in his nature. It sort of makes me sorry I even opened my mouth. The problem he’s having is with his wireless card. His English isn’t that great and he’s not too computer savvy.


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