Thursday, July 06, 2006


Again it happened. This morning we got hit by and IED. It happened in central Baghdad of all places. These insurgents are ruthless and will go to any means necessary, even if it means killing bystanders. That wasn’t too much on my mind at the time. In fact, the IED wasn’t too much on my mind either, weird. Are we becoming desensitized? Most of us acted like it was nothing. If this was our first week here we would’ve been freaking out, yelling, and loosing control.

We were heading back to base this morning when it happened. I heard a loud BOOM! At first I thought it was elsewhere in the city. I’ve here explosions all over from time to time and we just keep going about our business as if nothing happened. I turned around to look and see that there was black and grey smoke billowing from the side of the road. It was a big one. “IED! IED!” I yelled. I have noticed that we are a lot calmer now. We don’t lose control and start panicking. Everything remains in order and we seem to be in control and we also look like professionals. An IED, oh, it’s nothing. It almost seems like it nowadays. Heck, when we first got here an IED would cause gossip around the company. Now we don't even mention it.

I guess it’s like thunder and lighting when you’re a kid. When you’re little you’re scared of it and don’t know what it is. As you get older it’s just nothing new.


Blogger kbug said...

I met a friend at the airport a year or two ago who had a layover in Dallas on his way back to Iraq from R&R. We had lunch and talked about his time in Iraq and his job as an Army journalist. A couple days later, after he returned to Mosul, I emailed him to see how it felt to be back. He said he felt like he was home again with all the rockets and RPGs. At first, I thought he'd lost it, but then I began to think that it was probably for the best that he wasn't upset by those things anymore. I don't think it's becoming desensitized, I think it's more like adapting to the situation so you can react with a clear head when something bad happens rather than react out of fear. Just don't get careless......and watch your six.

7/07/2006 7:13 AM  

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