Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lost Joes

We’ve lost some Joes. Not to any fatalities, Thank God. We’ve lost one in our platoon back in March. He went home because of a death in his immediate family that caused a hardship. He was taken off the mission. There were others that have been taken off mission and sent home because of hardships. It’s not easy managing a family and completing this mission over here. Hardships are common with every company and it should be expected to lose a few Joes here and there. I’m sure the Army already recognizes this. Just last week we lost another Joe that went home on emergency leave. The good thing is that he should be back to join us after things are taken care of back home.

About three weeks ago we lost a soldier because his hand got cut. He was trying to remove some straps with some kind of saw, so I heard. He sliced his hand and almost lost his finger. I heard that he was taken to the hospital here in Baghdad for surgery. He’s lucky he didn’t lose his finger but I don’t think it matters anyway. I heard he’s done some permanent nerve damage to his index finger. I hate to point the blame on him for not being more careful around that saw. Its accidents like this that causes us the most injuries. He was sent to Germany for extended medical care. From there I’m sure he was sent home. He doesn’t get to complete the mission and come back home with the rest of us.

I’ve almost had a few accidents myself. I have to be more careful when I’m on top of the Humvee. I’ve lost my balance more than once but have never fallen. There have only been two close calls that I know of. I know that if I fall it’s not going to be good, especially if I land on my back or butt. I try to be as careful as I can and remember what they told me back in Air Assault School, to make sure I have three points of contact at all times. That means I have at least both feet and on hand on the Humvee at all times.


Blogger katiescarlet said...

You keep those 3 points of contact and stay safe!

God bless
Thanks for your service

7/12/2006 11:43 AM  

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