Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Typical Day

There’s not much to say about today. I’m glad we didn’t have to go to the IZ this morning. I didn’t feel like riding around everywhere. I was tired and we got up real early. I wasn’t in the mood to make it a long day. Our day started before the sun got up. That’s the way it typically is in the Army.

I had a young gunner today. He’s a pretty good kid. He sure has turned around from when I first met him. We call him Sess but that’s not his actual name. He’s very fit and athletic, likes combatives, and listens and sings rap music. It’s funny because he’ll be mouthing off some rap while he’s in the turret and sometimes I think he’s saying something. It’s until I realize that he’s not trying to communicate something, he’s singing.

As for the day, it was pretty calm, there was no action, and it was hot. There was a dust storm that came through in the morning. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me or I would’ve taken some photos.


Anonymous Pauline said...

What is IZ?

7/11/2006 2:27 PM  

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