Thursday, July 20, 2006

Broken A/C

Again, it was hot. It got worse because of our a/c.

This morning wasn’t bad. We took a long trip today, through northern Baghdad on up north. It’s the same trip we took the other day but this time it didn’t seem like a holiday.

I spent yesterday afternoon installing our intercom system so we could talk to each other without yelling. It also enables me to monitor and answer the radio. It’s a pretty neat system when it works. That’s the catch, when it works. Our Humvee is capable of operating an intercom system. It’s just that the cables that they gave us are pretty bad. They have loose connections and also, one of the headsets was defective right out of the box. Well, I was happy that it works and I was talking with Spence, our driver today. There’s only one thing, it didn’t completely work. The Colonel’s headset cable had a loose connection so he kept cutting in and out. There were a few incidents on our way back. First off, the minute we left the base our a/c went out. We started cooking. It got really freaking hot in the Hummer. I was glad my head was sticking out the turret. The guys inside kept bugging me to get them some cold drinks out of the ice chest. We finally got back to the FOB we were in a hurry to take all of our gear off. Our uniforms were all wet in the spots where we had our gear on. We were drenched, our faces were red, and we were covered in sweat.
The other thing that happened is that we supposedly drove past an IED. We got reports that it detonated on other collation forces a few minutes after we had past that area. It probably exploded about five minutes after we passed by. This was just a report from what we heard on the radio from local forces and it was never confirmed.


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