Monday, July 31, 2006

Got to be kidding!

Sometimes I’m trying to find stuff to post about. Some days the missions get routine and nothing really exciting happens. Well, today isn’t one of those days. This morning we came upon a group of Iraqis on the highway by some semi-trucks. It looked like a mob from the distance. As we approached I noticed what looked like a tire out in the road. There were a couple of vehicles in the area that were not moving as well. I began to think that either the truck broke down or there was an accident.

Well, I’m not really sure what happened but we sent two of our Humvees to check it out. As soon as we started to approach the crowd started dispersing. Most of the Iraqis were running off into the nearby fields. Once they started running my interests started going up. Something suspicious was going on. Our first Humvee on the scene reported on the radio that they were being looted. I knew it. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Most of these people don’t care or have any respect for others belongings so they’ll take whatever chance they could get to steal.

That first Humvee on the scene, Sergeant Hard Balls, also reported that there was us property on one of the trucks. There just happened to be two trucks that were disabled on the road and the drivers didn’t appear to be anywhere. Strange stuff like this happens all the time over here. Once Sergeant Hard Balls mentioned there was US property on one of the trucks we gained renewed interest. That was until we found out that it was just food and water and also, the trucks were not ours. Command just decided to let it go. That was fine by me. I didn’t want a riot to start over food and water. They could fight for that.

This afternoon I was reading a book while we were waiting to leave at a FOB. That’s when the Colonel says, “You can’t read in the truck.” What? I thought. What’s he talking about. “Why can’t we read in the truck,” I asked. “Because the 1st Sergeant said so. Since Doc Ock got into trouble for speeding gunners aren’t allowed to read in the truck so that they stay alert to what’s going on.” What’s he talking about??? We’re just sitting here in the Humvee, waiting for a half hour before we leave. And we’re not doing anything. It’s the little shit like this that piss me off. It’s just another way to lower troop morale.

You have to be kidding me! I can’t believe that our leadership is worried about us reading a book, or maybe listing to our MP3 players, or playing pocket video games. What ever happened to METT-TC? It’s about the situation permitting and the situation doesn’t permit me from not reading. I could understand it if we were outside of the wire on patrol maybe or in a convoy but not when we’re hanging around the FOB. I could understand if it affected the mission. In no way did it interfere with the mission at all. Most of us are adults here. I wish they would treat us that way. And they want us to be professional. They need to start looking in the mirror I say.

It made me realize one thing for sure. The regular Army guys have to go through on a day to day basis and there’s no end in sight when they go home. Thank GOD I’m in the National Guard. As soon as I’m done with this, I’m outta here!

It’s no wonder why the guys in the unit are anxious to go home. I’d just wish they’d focus on the mission and our safety and not reading when we’re sitting around, doing nothing. Help! My morale is going downhill quick! Way to lower soldier’s morale! I’ll be ready to go home!


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