Saturday, July 29, 2006

Community Day

It was that time again, time for mandatory fun. This time the event was a scavenger hunt followed by an afternoon barbeque. I think it was too hot for any of it. As far as the scavenger hunt goes, we were given a list of items. These were items that could be found anywhere around the camp. Points were awarded for each individual item and some items were more points then others. We ended up getting items like, something made in china, a whole pecan pie, and some lake water. So, this is how we spent our morning, driving everywhere around post looking for items from the list. I’m not sure how many points we came away with.

The squad that came in first place got the chance to throw pies in the Commander’s face. The second was that they got to throw buckets of water in his face to wash him up. And there was also a prize for last place. The squad that came in last place got to pick up the mess. My squad fared right in the middle so we didn’t get to do anything at all.

Afterwards we had a Company barbeque with burgers, hot dogs, sodas, and all except the beer.

I went to get a haircut this afternoon. It only costs $3 dollars to get a haircut here. It’s a really good deal. The do some pretty good cuts and they also give a massage right afterwards. It’s really worth more than $3 but I’m not complaining. I usually give the guys a $2 tip. How high can I make the tip if it only cost $3 for the cut?

This evening I played Texas Hold’em Poker with the guys. I’ve never played Texas Hold’em before and it’s been a long time since I’ve played poker. The only poker I play is the video poker at the slot machines in Las Vegas. Anyway, it looked like I was going to lose for a little while there. My chips were slowly dwindling down. There were five of us that were playing. But all of a sudden, after the antes kept going up, I started wining. They started saying that I have played before. They said that I was just messing with them, telling them that I didn’t know how to play. I think it was because of the guys that were betting big and I was just winning those bets. I ended up winning the game. Not bad for beginners luck.


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