Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The ASV Experience

I got to command the ASV team today. Boy do I want to go to the ASV. It was so freaking nice!!! The best thing about it is that I wasn’t out in the sun, sweating my ass off in the hot air. We’re able to close all the hatches and let the a/c do its job to keep the cabin cool. Boy it almost felt like being in a regular car and not outside in the heat.

It’s been a while since I’ve rode in one, when I was training in Kuwait in December of last year. I really enjoyed the break from gunning. I didn’t have to do much, just sit there to monitor and operate the radios mostly. The guys did most of the work like driving and the gunning. It gave me a chance to recover from all that work of carrying that .50 cal from my room to the truck, getting the ammo situated, and getting all of my gear ready. This time I just jumped in and we were ready to go. It was so easy. In fact Baloney had one of those Staples, ‘That Was Easy’, buttons attached to the inside frame and I just wanted to press it to hear that voice say, “That was easy.”

Strangely it was fun. Maybe it was because I got to ride along and mess with the siren. The guys were laid back and the thing was I was in charge. I let them do their job because I know they know how to do it. I wasn’t there to change things. I was there to supervise and make sure they did their job in a military manner.


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