Thursday, August 10, 2006

East of The Tigris

Well, today was the first day I crossed the Tigris River. I liked operating in the western area of Baghdad better. Maybe it’s because I knew the streets better. Traffic circles, can’t avoid them. They’re everywhere. Traffic was still there and still disorganized. At least the people drive on the right side of the road over here. The area seemed more urbanized and there were more skyscrapers than anywhere else I’ve seen in Baghdad, especially along the east side of the river. I assumed that these parts of the city, especially areas around the river, are the oldest parts of this densely populated city.

There’s also something new here in Baghdad. Strykers. I haven’t seen them here at all until a couple of weeks ago. The news of more troops moving to Baghdad has been all over the news and I read about it in Stars and Stripes. I’m seeing these Strykers more and more in the city.


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