Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Ramadi Bus

I feel like we’re part of the Ramadi transportation department now. We went there again today. Maybe someday soon we’ll make it a daily trip. Oh what fun that would be!

The trip there went without a hitch. We had no problems getting there and the trip seemed pretty pleasant. When we got there we did what we had to do. We planned on staying there for a good part of the day so we went to the MWR to hang out. The transient barracks weren’t too far away. I attempted to get onto the internet but the system was down, so I went to the MWR to see what the rest of the crew was doing. Most of the guys were around the makeshift movie theater. The place was in a dark room made up of a big screen television and surround sound speakers.

I sat down in front of the other big screen television that mainly played television shows instead of movies like the theater. I watched Wheel of Fortune for a while before nodding off on the couch. That’s when I decided to take a nap so I headed over to the transient barracks. I think that’s the best thing about Ramadi. At least there’s a place to lay down, instead of inside or on top of a Humvee, to get some sleep. The place is made up of bunk beds and worn mattresses but I didn’t care. The only problem I had with the place is that it was freezing.

I took a nap and we left. We did encounter a few problems on the way back. First off, we ran into a cordon. I hate the things and I’m sure the Iraqis do too. I’d be as frustrated as they are. It’s no fun waiting around for the area to get cleared, especially out in the sun. The second problem we ran into was a flat tire. It wasn’t a big problem since all it took was a simple tire change but it did delay us a little bit.


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