Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I wasn’t able to blog anything yesterday. That’s because we spent the night in Ramadi. There was internet access there but I was too tired by the end of the night and I just wanted to relax a little before going to bed.

I found a spot in the transient barracks to sleep. It was the best mattress I could find close to the back corner. The only problem was the lights from the other partition were on until 0200 hours in the morning. It was also very cold, just like last time. I learned from my last visit and brought my sleeping bag with me. The only problem with the sleeping bag was it kept me too hot. It could never be just right. The accommodations weren’t the best in the world but it’s a whole lot better than sleeping outside or in my Humvee.

On the way to Ramadi we stopped at Camp Fallujah to grab a bite to eat. It was already getting dark and we wanted to leave before we lost our daylight. So we were given 45 minutes to get inside the chow hall and eat before it got too late. I was glad we stopped. Most of us didn’t have anything for lunch and we were hungry.

One of the guys got promoted to Sergeant this morning. We left Ramadi after his promotion ceremony. The trip back wasn’t bad and there were no significant incidents.


Blogger kbug said...

Ahhhh....a nice realaxing roadtrip through the countryside. I'm glad it was uneventful.

8/30/2006 7:59 PM  

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