Friday, June 02, 2006

Power On, Power Off

It’s been like that all day. The power went out right before I woke up this morning. It didn’t bother me at the time because I wasn’t using it. The weather wasn’t hot yet so we didn’t need the A/C unit. It was still early. I got dressed and headed to the motor pool to do some maintenance. When I got back from the motor pool the electricity was back on. Then it went off again right before I went to the gym. Again, it didn’t bother me since I didn’t need it.

I came back and ate the take out dinner that I grabbed during lunch. Just as I got back, the power went out again. What the heck? It was about 1800 hours when it went out. The Big Man and me had nothing to do. We were bored. We hung out in the room but I knew it wouldn’t last. Eventually it would begin to get hot. Sure enough, we had to open the window, and then the door. We were looking for something interesting to do. It’s amazing how much electricity affects us. If it turns off we suddenly find ourselves lost. But it also gave us the opportunity to go outside. We have neighbors? There are people outside? Yep, sure enough, people started coming out of their little huts. It got so hot that they had to go outside to cool off.

It was pretty nice actually. Some guys started playing their guitars. Others would play board game or socialize with others in groups. I found some time to play some catch football. I was going to read a book but it was too hard to pass up some competitive sport.


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