Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Long Day

It was a long one today. I woke up early to get some breakfast. I didn’t have to wake up early. I just decided I’d eat breakfast since I wouldn’t have a chance later. Now I’m starting to reconsider my decision. Maybe I should’ve slept in. Anyway I woke up at 0500 hours, got dressed, and went to the chow hall.

It wasn’t too bad today. For some reason I was expecting an IED. I’ve been expecting for us to get his by an IED every day. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because it’s beginning to seem like a regular occurrence. It’s almost like a roller coaster ride. The frequency goes up within a certain period, then it goes down, and then it goes back up. Well, it seems like it was in the up period and now it’s going back down.

I have been watching this boy on our route. He’s more of a teenager than a boy. Something occurred to me today. Men tend to bond with other men or teenagers more than young boys. I just had the feeling of making a connection today. It felt like I made a connection with a teenager even though I’ve never said a word to him. It’s strange because when we first got here, he never gestured or smiled to me. It felt somewhat like meeting a stranger. At first it takes a while to open up. Kids don’t have a problem with this.

He always gave me this look though, like he was pissed or like he hated us. He never smiled. Sometimes he would ignore us. Well, I think after yesterday, some things might have changed. I offered him a bottle of Gatorade but he refused. I wondered to myself why. The bottle was cold and it was a hot day. I thought he might be thirsty. What’s wrong with Gatorade?

Today I threw him some chocolate. Well, when I saw him later. He had a smile on his face and he didn’t look like he wanted to kill me. It seemed like he wanted to communicate with me. He was gesturing for me to give him something. I didn’t want to spoil him. I’m glad I’m starting to see something. I think he might be opening up to me. That’s good. Hopefully I could gain his trust.


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