Friday, May 19, 2006

Promotion Ceremony

We had another one. Before that we took a Company photo. It’ll be printed and displayed in the Arizona National Guard Headquarters for all there to see. It’ll be hung on display along with all the other posters that are hanging in the rotunda of the building. I’ll try to get a copy of the photo myself to post here on this blog.

Afterwards we had a promotion ceremony. Our operations Sergeant got promoted to Sergeant Major. I’m sure he’ll be leaving the unit with the promotion and going up to the Battalion Headquarters. I’ve known him since he was a platoon sergeant and it’s been a long time.

We got some speeches from the Battalion Chaplain, the Battalion and Company Commander, and the Battalion Command Sergeant Major. We finally got a little speech from the newly promoted Sergeant Major himself. He said he’d like to give us a little bit of good advice, “Be Persistent. If you’re out on mission on a long day and your ready to give up, be persistent. NCOs, be persistent.”


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