Monday, May 15, 2006

The Arizona Republic

Wow! I didn’t expect it. I got a few more boxes today. Got another box from Brenda in Friendswood Texas plus I got two from Kathy from Tucson Arizona. More stuff for to give away to the kids. Boy do they love candy. They’re always asking me for chocolate. It’s like the only English word they know for candy. I’m not taking anymore chocolate out with me, that’s for sure. It’ll melt before I even get to the truck. Plus I don’t want T-Rex complaining about the mess of chocolate everywhere. I still have some Hershey bars that Rico had sent me a while back. He sent me a shit load of chocolate bars, I’ll tell you that.

What surprised me the most what The Arizona Republic I received from Kathy. I used to read this paper all the time back home. Of course, it’s like the biggest newspaper in Arizona. Then the cover, ‘NEVER IN DOUBT’, referring to the Phoenix Suns win over the Lakers to move on to the next round of the NBA playoffs. We’ve all been watching the Suns over here. We’re keeping an eye on them to see how they’re doing. I’d like to see them beat the Clippers and move onto the Western Conference finals. That would be sweet. It’s hard to catch a game over here because they usually play in the morning when we’re busy doing our missions. Our downtime is mainly in the evenings. There’s like an 11-hour difference between here and Phoenix. So it makes it hard to catch anything. And when I do have the mornings off, you won’t find me in the MWR center to catch the game on AFN. I’ll be in bed sleeping in.


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