Saturday, May 06, 2006

Baked Cookies

Dang was it hot today. Well, it wasn’t that hot but I’m sure it was at least 100 degrees. At least the air is starting to dry out some from the heat. I’d rather take the dry heat than the humidity. To help keep cool this afternoon I used a wet bandana around my neck. I also had a helmet pad that I wet to help keep my head cool. Plus I was drinking like crazy. I alternated between bottles of Gatorade and water. I drank as if I had holes in my stomach.

My undershirt was soaked from all the sweat. And now I’ve come back to my trailer all exhausted from the sun and heat. I really feel relaxed and cool now because my shirt is wet and airing out. I feel as if I just came out of a pool. I’m exhausted and dirty. It’s time for me to take a shower and clean up.

I’m taking the Misty Mate we all got from donations by people back in the USA. The cool thing is that these things are made back in AZ, my hometown. The make them from a hot climate to deal with hot climates. They’re ideal and they work. The mist will feel so good when I’m out. I can’t wait to try it.


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