Friday, April 28, 2006


That’s what he says. He says he’s bored. I was a little worried about him yesterday because he was sleeping a lot. He had yesterday off. He slept through the morning and the afternoon. After I had come back from mission last night he was still asleep. This was after I already had dinner. He did wake up for a few hours during the mid-day but he slept most of the day. I’m talking about my roommate, the Big Man.

“Are you tired?” I asked. “No, I’m just bored.” He says. I don’t see why, I always have something to do. If not, I’m finding stuff to do. I’m never just bored.

Today was a maintenance day. It was a day for me to work on my .50 cal although I never touched it. Maintenance on my .50 cal entails making sure it’s clean and lightly lubed. It never got done. That’s alright, I’ll work on it tomorrow while waiting in our staging area.


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